Child Age Groups

Our creche and early learning centre are made up of four main rooms where each room presents your child with an attractive environment and a caring and trusting atmosphere. We also have a large, safe and secure outdoor area where children can explore learn and have fun.

Additional Services Offered by Eden Childcare

Easter, Summer and Halloween Camps 
Eden Childcare also holds Easter, Summer and Halloween Camps for school going children during their holidays. It provides art, drama, sports and activities on varied and exciting themes. We have a team of teachers that contribute to the camps.

The Homework and Breakfast Club 
The Homework and Breakfast Club is in operation. It is very much requested when both parents are gone early to work/college. Our opening times are facilitating that need in the area.

Play Therapy 
Play Therapy for children will be facilitated in the future as it is very sought after by many parents. Play Therapy uses the power of play to help children achieve optimal growth and development and prevent and resolve a range of developmental and /or emotional difficulties.

Saturday Club
A Saturday Club will also commence in the future to include regular activities and introduction of new themes like computer time, science and dance.

Childhood illnesses and learning difficulties 
We will cater for children with childhood illnesses and learning difficulties and this will be another area that will provide parents with peace of mind. As I am a trained nurse, the parents are happier for children to attend that need extra care and support.

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